Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly Tidbit #4

Watching: Orange is the New Black. I kept hearing about this show and seeing tons of gifs on Tumblr since the second season came out, so we decided to give it a try. This show is so addicting, I blazed through both seasons in about a week. I'm not too fond of Piper, but I love the supporting characters.

Working On: my sleep schedule. I've been working late at night since it has to be dark to use the telescopes and it's making me so tired. I'm constantly yawning and it's driving me nuts. I hate sleeping late but I rested a ton this weekend so hopefully that helps.

Reading: Walking Dead volumes 1 & 2. I read the first few volumes of the comics in high school and just recently watched the first three seasons of the show. I figured now is a good time to revisit the comics. I also read The Killing Joke and loved it!

Making: Green chile chicken quesadillas. I've never had fresh roasted green chiles before but there were some roasted ones at the grocery store. I'm never buying canned again; they're amazing!

Loving: the new Lego line of female scientists! To be honest, I never thought of Lego minifigures to be male or female (unless they had a beard or something), but I am super excited about this set and I'll definitely be purchasing it when it comes out in August. You can read more about how it came to be here.

Excited About: HALLOWEEN!! I stopped by Joann's earlier this week and was so excited to see the start of Halloween decorations. Halloween is my favorite holiday ever and I can't wait to decorate our apartment this year. 

Little Tidbits:

kale smoothies ♥ Team Trivia ♥ my new lego Carl Sagan and Neil Degrasse Tyson mug ♥ Netflix documentaries ♥ charm bracelets

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