Monday, June 23, 2014

Sew Similar #4

Sew Similar #4

While I love pretty much any novelty print, I'd have to say, food prints are my favorite. I love the pop art style of this fabric. This junk food print dress on Modcloth sells for $69.99. The entire outfit with the handmade dress is $70.62. While it is a wee bit more expensive than the dress alone, you definitely get more bang for your buck. I really love the look of dresses with sneakers and this pair is kind of in between flats and sneakers. Of course, I had to include this Bob's Burgers tote bag. This show makes me laugh out loud and every character is hilarious. If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend it. All but the latest season are on Netflix!


  1. I love this. Your blog is so fun. It inspires me to try to learn to sew. If I could sew my own skirts and dresses I would have all the kitsch fabrics.

    1. Thanks! Kitschy prints are the best. They're so much fun!