Monday, November 10, 2014

Sew Similar #19

Sew Similar #19
skirt pattern fabric top tights shoes
This week's Sew Similar is another work appropriate ensemble. Generally, I can wear what I want for work, but, I have a meeting this week that I need to dress professionally for and realized that I don't have too many options in that department. I have a few dresses, but would like to build up my separates. Some neutral staple skirts are something that I'm really lacking in my own wardrobe. The skirts I have are generally very colorful and patterned; they're fun, but probably don't make anyone take me seriously. I love this skirt because it looks grown up without being stuffy. You can make it fun with the maroon tights and long sleeve polka dot blouse, something I need to cover up my tattoos. 

This skirt is originally $64.99 from Ruche. The total for the handmade skirt and outfit comes to $50.61. Do you have a job you need to dress up for, or can you wear what you'd like?
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  1. I can also wear what ever I want for work but I kind of struggle to dress myself in the morning. I want to dress cute yet professional. Some of my outfits have to be saved for the weekend. I'm really liking the long skirt trend.

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