Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Winter Wears

Before moving to my current home, I lived in Phoenix for quite a few years. The winters are really mild and I didn't have a need for clothing warmer than a cardigan.  I now live in an area that gets an average of about 100 inches of snow a year and the temperatures are also much colder than what I'm used to. Now that temperatures are in the thirties at night, I've realized that I am woefully unprepared for the cold. Since I am a on a budget, I can't afford to buy a whole new wardrobe to prepare for the coming change in weather. I thought I'd share a couple things I plan on getting to try and transition my wardrobe. 
Winter Wears

1. Fleece tights- I have a huge bin of tights, but most of them are pretty thin. I discovered these fleece lined tights for winter and am very excited to wear them. I ordered two pairs, in black and navy, but received one pair in the wrong size, so I'll have to exchange them. Hopefully they are as warm as they look!
2. Cape- This just looks like it would be so cozy and warm! I can bundle up underneath and I would feel like a fairy tale character while wearing it. 
3. Thermals- I definitely need a top to layer under dresses and cardigans. I do a lot of walking so I'll need layers to keep warm, especially since it's pretty windy here. 
4. Wool Socks- To layer over the tights on really frigid days. I love the look of over the knee socks and these cable knit ones look so cozy.
5. Flannel Shirts- These are cute on their own but I love them layered under a sweater with the collar peeking out. 
6. Longer skirts- Perfect to pair with the above mentioned sweater and flannel combination. 

One thing, that I cannot for the life of me find, are winter shoes. I need something that is practical and can handle a lot of walking through the snow, but still cute. Is this even possible? Everything I'm seeing is covered in fur or very athletic looking, two looks that are just not me. Maybe I can just waterproof a pair of leather booties. Do you have any recommendations? I'd love to hear what you wear in the winter!
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