Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tropical Fruit Nails

I'm going to apologize in advance. After I took these pictures, I realized how gross my hands are. So yeah, sorry about that. Anyways, I love nail art and I think it's amazing some of the things people are able to do. I, however, can barely paint my nails without getting polish everywhere. Since I am not the greatest at using nail polish to create designs, I like to use stickers and fimo clay. 

If you aren't familiar with fimo clay for nail art, they come in rods or you can also find them precut. If you buy them in rods, you'll have to slice them with a razor blade to get the little pieces for your nails. You want to make the pieces as thin as possible, so it can take a bit of practice. I purchased a lot of about 50 or so rods off of eBay and I think they were only about $5. Obviously, you don't have to go crazy like I did; you can buy them in much smaller quantities. 

For my nails today, I decided to do a fruit theme for summer. First I applied two coats of the solid pink and then an overcoat of pink glitter. The OPI color didn't have a name on it but the Sinful Colors is called Pinky Glitter.

To apply the fimo pieces, you'll need nail glue and some tweezers. I also recommend putting down a towel or newspaper just as a precaution. You do not want nail glue on your table, it's like extreme super glue. Also when you are wanting to change your nails, make sure that you soak your nails in acetone to soften the glue. Ripping off the fimo pieces is bad for your nails, and will be super painful!

I placed the fruit in a random pattern on just a few of my nails. Once your glue has dried, the last step is to apply a clear top coat. I think it adds another layer of adhesion and gives everything the same sheen. 

And you're done! I think they turned out pretty well. I really like the way fimo looks but I totally understand when people think it's a bit gaudy. I think it helps if you have short nails. So what do you guys think? Do you like nail art or is too much? 

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