Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pretty as a Picture

Instax Cases

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My husband and I are terrible at surprises or keeping presents a secret so I got my birthday present really early this year; a yellow Instax camera! I'm so excited to start using this. One of my biggest goals is to start taking more everyday pictures. I probably only have a handful of photos of my husband and I together, not including those from our wedding. I want more pictures to look back on but for some reason, taking pictures just seems so awkward... Is it just me? 

I had an old Polaroid camera but the film isn't being made anymore so it's super expensive to buy online. The film for the Instax cameras is pretty pricey as well, but they sell it at Michael's craft stores, and they always have coupons. Seriously, never pay full price for anything at Michael's or Joann's. They also have cute little scrapbooking supplies for the film.

I want to make sure I get a case to help protect my new camera but there are so many cute ones to choose from! The camera itself is the light yellow color but I think I might get a contrasting case. So far, I think I've narrowed it down to numbers 2 & 5. Which one would you pick? Do you take photos often or is it something that is just an afterthought?

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