Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weekly Tidbits #3

Watching: The Fault in Our Stars. This may be an unpopular opinion, but, I was not a fan of the movie. I just wasn't impressed with the main actors. I did like how they showed the texting on the screen instead of having the characters read their texts out loud for the audience (which is unnatural). I may be biased though since I thought the book was just okay. I've read a few of John Green's books and while I think they're alright, I think that a big draw for his fandom is that he is so accessible to his fans (not a bad thing). 

Working On: getting frames for all of my art. I have so many prints that are just sitting in a crate waiting to be put up on the walls. 

Reading: I'm still reading The Winter Palace, as well as The Explorers on Mars Hill for work. It's a history of all the achievements that occurred at Lowell Observatory in its first 100 years. I'm only about halfway through but it really is interesting. Fun fact: Lowell used to keep a cow named Venus on the property!

Making: some progress on my pile of clothes to mend. I have a bunch of dresses just sitting unworn that need minor repairs, like bows falling off and broken straps. 

working! I've been unemployed for a couple months and it totally sucked. I really enjoy working and I feel like a bum if I just stay home. It's nice to feel productive again.

Excited About: Jason Momoa as Aquaman! This is still speculation but I think it will end up being true. This is the same actor who played Kahl Drogo on Game of Thrones. My first choice would have been Charlie Hunnam from Pacific Rim (he seriously looks just like Aquaman) but I think Jason Momoa will do a great  job. I'm just hoping they make him blonde...

Little Tidbits:

chicken salad sandwiches ♥ freshly painted nails ♥ cherry limeade ♥ looking at Saturn through a telescope ♥ new Pops!

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