Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sew Similar #1

Being able to sew my own clothing is probably one of my biggest goals. I love the thought of being able to have clothing that fits perfectly and looks exactly how I want. It can often be more cost effective than purchasing clothes off the rack. It's also the easiest way to obtain your dream wardrobe! 

Mena Trott had a wonderful site called The Sew Weekly that was basically a great big sew-a-long with a weekly theme. Unfortunately, it is no longer being updated. You can, however, still go through the archives and read about the successes and blunders of the contributors to the site. I loved that there was a variety of skill levels and that posters would be honest about where they thought they excelled and maybe didn't do so well. It seemed like a fun, supportive community. I wish I hadn't found it too late!

One of my favorite features on the site was, Make This Look. They would take an article of clothing from a retailer, such as, ModCloth or Anthropologie, and suggest a pattern and fabric to create the look yourself. I love this idea, especially since I find that most everything these stores offer are well out of my price range. Looking at ready to wear clothing is a great way to find inspiration for your own projects, so, I thought I would continue this tradition with Sew Similar! 

Sew Similar #1

Dress Pattern Fabric Hat Sandals Belt
First up, is an adorable sailboat print dress from Ruche. They are offering the dress for $42.99. The total cost for the handmade dress, plus, a pair of shoes, belt, and hat: $44.44. Keep in mind, prices are not including notions or shipping, and the amount of fabric needed may fluctuate depending on your size. Still, pretty great savings if you ask me! 

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