Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekly Tidbits #7

Watching: The Walking Dead I watched the first three seasons on Netflix and I just finished watching the fourth season this week. I watched it in just two days it was so good! (That's 16 hours of zombies) It's my favorite season yet. I can't wait to find out what will happen at Terminus. Something bad, of course; but, I'm definitely betting on cannibals.

Working on: Math, math, and more math. My final for my summer class is in two weeks and I need to study big time. I've been staring at these problems for so long, my brain is going to turn to jell-o soon. I am excited to finish this class though, so I can have a month break before school starts again.

Making: some birthday gifts for a friend! I love giving gifts, especially if I know the person well. Knowing you've gotten a gift someone is going to love is the best feeling. It's even better if I can make something. I'll probably post a DIY later this week of the knitting bag I'm making for her.

Reading: The Walking Dead vol. 3-5 One of my friends came to visit over the holiday last week and was nice enough to lend me a few more volumes of The Walking Dead. I've been on a huge kick this week since watching the fourth season and I found this awesome print too! I actually saw the picture months ago but finally tracked down the artist and found out where you can buy it. You can get it as a shirt too so I'm trying to decide between that or a print. 

Loving: Planners! I thought I was the only one obsessed with lists and organizing until I found bloggers that feature their planners. I normally just make my own calendars and use them to organize all of my school information, but seeing all of these creative planners makes me want to get one. I love stationery and stickers so I'm excited to get a planner to personalize.

Excited About: The new horror movie Pop! figures. I'm a huge horror nut and I love how these look. They're seriously adorable! I think my favorites are Captain Spaulding and Pennywise. 

Little Tidbits:

colorful pens ♥ midday storms ♥ planning trips ♥ the full moon ♥ freshly colored hair

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