Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekly Tidbits #6

Watching: Cosmos I haven't started watching it just yet but we bought it this weekend at Target for 30% off. It was a pretty sweet deal. I'm a big fan of Neil Degrasse Tyson and the original Cosmos so I'm looking forward to watching it. Have any of you seen it yet?

Working On: Doing a late spring cleaning. We had house guests for the holiday weekend and that always prompts me to clean up around the house, or at least shove the mess into the bedroom... I donated a giant box of stuff to Goodwill too. It always feels good to get rid of some of that extra junk that somehow accumulates. 

Reading: lots of new comics! The comic book store had a sale for the fourth of July so we got quite a few things. I think my favorite is the new Rocket Raccoon. I really like the illustration style and the humor is great. Also, Super Secret Crisis started this month! I love Cartoon Network so I'm really stoked about this crossover. Also, I'm always looking for more comic book recommendations!

Making: Flag cake for fourth of July. My mom used to make this when I was younger so I decided to try it out this year. I put in a pan that was slightly too small so it kind of exploded. It turned out pretty tasty and it disappeared pretty quickly, though. Too bad I forgot to take a picture until half of it was gone!

Loving: Jasmine Thompson This girl is seriously talented and only 13 years old. Her voice is haunting and beautiful but poppy at the same time. I love it. I first heard her when she popped up on my Pandora. She has a YouTube channel and you can view her videos here.

Excited About: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Every time I watch this trailer I get so pumped. My husband and I keep yelling, "I need to speak to Ceasar!!" I really liked the first one in the reboot but I think this film will be even better. Andy Serkis does an amazing job with the motion capture and I'm excited to see him have more screen time.

Little Tidbits:

Super Mario Sunshine ♥ fresh berries ♥ monsoon season ♥ licking frosting off the spoon ♥ kittens stampeding through the house

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